I'm excited and a little scared to announce that (with the help of some friends) I'm helping launch my first conference! It's a team effort with Andrew Pruski, Anthony Nocentino, and myself. So far it's been a great experience and the community response has been amazing. We've already got a fantastic set of speakers that have submitted talks with more to come!


EightKB is a virtual mini-conference focusing on SQL Server internals. We'll be hosting 5-7 sessions on internals topics from 45 to 75 minutes long. I've been to a few conferences and SQL Saturdays in my time and have always wished I could attend more sessions on database internals, I'm talking about things like SQLOS memory architecture talks, and how DBCC commands work under the covers. Internals just isn't the focus of most events though (with good reason), so we wanted to launch our own.

Besides wanting to organize a conference around the things I'm interested in I also thought folks would appreciate a highly technical conference during quarantine. It helps me stay busy as well. I have four children so I'm usually pretty busy anyhow, but being able to dedicate some time to an event I think the SQL community could really benefit from has been great. I don't get to give back to the community that often so I'm excited to be a part of this.

Join Us

If an internals conference (with session levels from 300 to Insanity!!) sounds fun to you, join us on June 17th. You can learn more at the EightKB site: https://EightkB.online. See you there!