EightKB in July 2020 was a shocking success with over 1,000 concurrent attendees at our peak! What started as a few comments in a private Slack turned into one of the biggest virtual SQL Server events of 2020! Since then 2020 has been a hot mess so I am super excited to announce that EightKB 2021 registration is OPEN!


Join us on January 27th 2021 @ 14:00 UTC for a day of brain-melting technical content, fantastic speakers, and the awesome SQL Server community everyone knows and loves. Just like last time this is a 100% FREE event run for and by the community! No sponsors, no vendors, just content and community.

The lineup

Time Speaker Length Level Title
14:15 Amit Bansal 75m 400 SQL Memory Internals and Troubleshooting
15:45 Bob Pusateri 60m 400 The Ins and Outs of SQL Server Data Compression
17:00 Gail Shaw 75m 400 Intelligent Query Processing, what's up with that?
18:30 Klaus Aschenbrenner 75m 400 Latches, spinlocks, and lock free data structures
20:00 Thomas Grohser 75m 400 Scaling SQL Server beyond 2 CPUs

How can I support this amazing event?

Tell your friends, co-workers, and followers! You can also help support us by stopping in at the EightKB store and picking up a Mixed Extents t-shirt (EightKB shirts soon to come)!

Can't wait?

If you can't wait for Janurary check out our last event on our YouTube Channel and subscribe to our podcast on YouTube or wherever fine podcasts are sold (just kidding, it's free).