Mark Wilkinson, a budding DBA in Raleigh North Carolina, is looking for a skilled mentor to help him shape his future.

Qualified candidates must be able to provide guidance in some of the following areas:

This is a 2 month position with optional email follow-ups after the term has ended. Works hours are flexible. This is a non-paid position, you will also not qualify for any benefits ( medical, health, dental, etc. ). You will however, get to enjoy the feeling of knowing that you have contributed to the future of an individual that gives back to the community when he can, and will likely go on to mentor future generations.

Founded in 1982, in Ypslianti Michigan, Mark Wilkinson is a "jack-of-all-trades" DBA. He has interests in all things development, technology, and databases. Outside of technology his interests include music, food, and playing various imaginary games with his children.

As a mentor you will get to see Mark work towards his goals of becoming a senior level DBA, becoming an authoritative voice in the SQL community, and someday, founding a non-profit to train children and teens in technological fields.

If you wish to apply for this position, please contact Mark Wilkinson at

* This post is a response to a post by Paul Randal: Want to be mentored by me?